The Long Walk is Part of the Gift ~ by Susan

The Long Walk is Part of the Gift ~ by Susan

My name is Susan.  I never wanted a career. I knew I had to work, but I never planned on a career.  My plan was that I would work as needed, then I was going to get married, have a family, and raise my family, just like my mom did.

My mom always encouraged me to obtain a college degree in an area of expertise.  That way if I did find myself single, I could support myself.  Good insight, I agree. But what area to be an expert in?  I was a B-C student in high school.  My mom was a physical therapist and I gravitated towards being a nurse.

I was accepted into the University of Alabama in Huntsville in the nursing program.  I completed a 4 year BSN program in 5 years.  Twice during my clinical, the instructors asked me if this was the path I really wanted, and I reassured them, “yes.”  Needless to say, we didn’t see eye to eye, or heart to heart, and I flunked out one quarter!  This put me back a whole year.

Moral of this story, “Don’t give up on your dream!”

I also followed my dream of marriage, kids, and staying at home. The staying at home part worked well for 3.5 years.  Then after my third child was born, we realized that two incomes were going to be needed to make this work.  I went back to work with tears in my eyes and a heavy heart. I was not a happy camper.

Now, after spending 40 years in nursing, I am now retired; Lucky me!

There are a few things that I can see clearly now:

My children learned to:
Clean house
Do the laundry
Work on their school lessons independently
Work with each other
Play with each other (sometimes I did get the “mean” report when I arrived home)

My husband learned to:
Clean house my way
Do the laundry
Work with the children on their school lessons
Put the children to bed

I learned to:
Let the cleaning go
Eat what the family cooked
Enjoy all (most) of our time together
Be creative with our fun times
Be intentional with our time together
Let “it” be, and trust in the Lord with all of my heart!
Really know that God knows me best and has my best interest in His heart!

He created me with a purpose to do His work.  It took me a while to see this.

But, the moment I began working for Him, Colossians 3:23,24, well, work became a joy. Christ has been with me in every detail of my life.

My note:

May your day be filled with love and merriness,


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  1. Susan, thank you for sharing your struggle and how when you changed your heart your job because such a joy for you. This is a good reminder to hold onto.

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