2024 Book Reading – “The Sweetness of Forgetting” by Kristin Harmel

2024 Book Reading – “The Sweetness of Forgetting” by Kristin Harmel

Finally, 2024 is here!  2023 was an extremely hard year. Too much transition and loss.  I am praying 2024 is a year of reflection and emphasis on finding ways to enjoy things I like.

This year I am going to enjoy more reading.  I have seen others post their year end celebrations of reaching a specific number of books that they read during the year – that’s kind of what I am working toward. I’m not setting a number of books to read, but I will be reading many books this year.

First book is:

The Sweetness of Forgetting by Kristin Harmel


This book interested me because of the title. At times, forgetting difficult or traumatic situations can be a blessing.  My interpretation of the description before reading this book is that there is a secret and steps are beginning to take place to uncover the mystery.

✔Read January 2024:
The book “The Sweetness of Forgetting” by Kristin Harmel was full of history and deeply intricate lives that are told through uncommon scenarios, including a relative who is suffering from Alzheimer’s. This story resonated with me through the way pieces of the mystery/puzzle fell together through the simple treasures that were always there but revealed through the history learned.

👍Excellent book. I look forward to reading more of Kristin Harmel’s books.


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