Welcome to Simply Breathe! I am glad you are here. 

Welcome to Simply Breathe! I am glad you are here. 

This blog started out during the covid quarantine with several friends of mine contributing their reflections and stories. Their posts are still here and when they want to add more, I will add them. The input from the variety of people really helps bring something for everyone.  Life gets busy and sometimes our lives take different paths for a while and sometimes permanently.

At this stage in my life, I am recognizing that I really enjoy the process of creating. I have always enjoyed crafting and arts, but I told myself I wasn’t good enough and so I didn’t pursue it. The thing is, creating really is not how perfect the end product is, but more of the way I feel while I am stepping through the processes of creating. The joy inside when I sit down and work on a sketch, or sew pieces of fabric together to make something special, or when I bake a cake and decorate it; these are the times when I see God’s workmanship and beauty more fully. 

This will be a place where I can post things I create or I’m working on. It will also be a place where I share some of my thoughts about the processes and what it means to me as I create.

I pray God will use me as I use this platform to share this part of my life.

2024 EDIT:  I am reading a lot of books this year and plan to post them on this blog 🙂