2024 Book Reading – “The Life We Bury” by Allen Eskens

2024 Book Reading – “The Life We Bury” by Allen Eskens

The Life We Bury by Allen Eskens


This book interested me because I thought it would be a story about how we have times when we regret choices and want to forget our past.

✔Read January 2024:

The book “The Life We Bury” by Allen Eskens was full of twists and turns. I was immediately pulled into the story as I could relate to Joe Talbert’s situation of having to complete an assignment for school and wanting to step through the process focused on the goal of completing the assignment quickly to move on to other “more important” things.

Without giving to much away, one of my takeaways from the book was a reminder that we as humans sometimes don’t see people for who they are and we can miss out on truth and relationships if we aren’t careful.

👍Good book and I look forward to more by this author.



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