Peace in Times of Uncertainty ~ by Kendra

Peace in Times of Uncertainty ~ by Kendra

A note from Kendra…

It may be hard to perceive, but there are always opportunities in times of crises. It is easy to look at other people in earlier generations and criticize them for their character flaws. The Corona virus is OUR crisis, in OUR time to decide now OUR character we want to live by. We are isolating ourselves to be kind by not spreading the virus, but if you see a person fall on the side of the road, will you stop to help him up? They say, “stop hoarding, just relax.” But are you yelling at people in the grocery store for having multiple items of the same product in their cart? Because that person you just pointed the finger at and judged publicly to humiliate may be helping out multiple family members that shouldn’t be going out.

These are real sad stories that friends have shared with me just yesterday and inspired me to talk about. Let’s decide now that we are the people who chose to live with integrity regardless of circumstance. It is normal to feel fear. We can’t turn off our emotions, but we absolutely can decide how we choose to act even in the face of fear. We have the opportunity now to see what we truly lean on for security, how we handle change, and ways we treat others when we think we won’t have enough for ourselves. This is our opportunity to improve our character and resolve to grow stronger.

If we can have peace in times of uncertainty, how much more peace will we have when things go our way? This is our time and our opportunity of beautiful new beginnings.

It begins with love ❤

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  1. Kendra, Your words are inspiring and make me want to self-reflect. I especially like your statement about deciding now our character we want to live by. Thank you!

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