Perhaps You Should Re-Focus ~ by Christina

Perhaps You Should Re-Focus ~ by Christina

My husband and I love to go to the art auctions and art events every time we go on a cruise! The free champagne is always nice, but more than that, there is just something about art that draws me in.  I love to look at paintings and to spend time looking at them deeply.  I like to try to understand what the artist is trying to portray and put my spin on it.   We have grown quite a collection from our cruise purchases and love of art.  Sometimes I give my husband a hard time about the purchases, but honestly, they really make me happy and give me a sweet feeling of joy when I look at them.

During this covid-19 quarantine I have been spending my days in my home for long periods of time, which is different than my normal run out to work early in the morning, come home late and start over the next day and so on.   I’ve had the pleasure of having more time to enjoy the artwork around my house.  We have a few styles and artists that we tend to be drawn to.  We have some that are boat or lake themed, some that are trees and seasons, some that are by LEBO whose artwork is described as postmodern cartoons, some that are USA/American flag themes, some that are sunflowers and some that are heart themed by artists like Simon Bull and others.  Just thinking about all of the different artwork makes me again realize how fortunate we are to have such beauty right here in our home.

One of my most favorite artists is Autumn Deforest.  Autumn began her life as an artist at a very young age.  I have this beautiful picture on the wall next to my bed that she painted when she was 8 years old!  This is one of my most favorite pieces of artwork we own and an 8-year-old created it!  I often find myself laying on my side looking at it and just taking it in.  The depth of the story that the picture depicts is deep.

Here is a snapshot of the picture late at night with my light shining on the bottom part of the road. I’ve read what Autumn’s description of the picture is, so I know what her thoughts were about it.  As I look at it, I find myself first looking at the many hearts, some floating and others dangling on a rope from the sky. Then the different shadows, hills, trees and the one single road.  That’s my road! 😊  These hearts represent people who are part of my life both close up, far-away, in the past, the present, and in the future.  How blessed I am!

Vision is such an important thing.  I could look at this picture and think about the people who are not here on earth with me anymore; I could look at it and think about the hearts that are dangling from the rope represent people who won’t allow their hearts to be open and therefore not experience love; I could look at it as a lonely road where no one knows which way to go so they aren’t going anywhere; I could focus on the dark shadows and think about evil and unkind people; the options are endless.  The question you and I would be wise to ask ourselves is “where is your focus?”  When we focus on something, that focus is what leads us, what pulls us in specific directions.  The year after my son died I took a motorcycle driving course (and yes I do have my motorcycle license even though I haven’t driven one for a couple of years).  One thing I remember being taught about driving a motorcycle is look the direction you want to go and your body and bike will go that way.  It worked!  This is a good lesson for all of us…. Look toward the direction, focus on, where you want to go and go that way.

It’s not always easy.  Today was one of those days where my hormones, emotions, whatever it is that make me so odd, where I did everything I could to not cry, and not get in a sad state of mind (or I should say, not stay in that state of mind!).  I changed my focus and soon my state of mind was on the things I was focusing on.  Next thing I knew I was going the right direction of finding beauty in the day and things around me.

Look around, there is beauty all around.  How will you look at things? At life?  Choose the direction you want to go and FOCUS!  Start taking the steps to look at things differently or more intently on finding the positive in whatever comes into our focus.  Don’t dwell on the bad, find the good and smile.  The next thing you know you will be stepping into the joy of whatever your eyes and heart are focused on. Focus is important!  Lead with your focus and let yourself follow that direction.  And as always…. simply breathe.



Here is the full picture from Autumn de Forest’s site:



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  1. I have had this sort of feeling all week. It was very tumultuous at work and I got overwhelmed to the point of uncontrollable tears at a group meeting . It was embarrassing. I refocused that day and prayed it out. I have a couple of blogs to send you now !

  2. Thanks Christina. This week was different for me. I’ve been keeping busy with Walking, crafts, reading, time with God. I guess I felt restless this week, ready to get back to normal but I know that is probably still a couple of weeks away. Thanks for your words today.

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