Guide My Steps ~ by Darla

Guide My Steps ~ by Darla

BLOGGING – When asked if I would do this I prayed about it hard. You see I am OK at talking, but not a great, or even good, writer.

Then I realized that we all think that our stories are not important. We think to ourselves that there is nothing that we can share to help other people.  But then I thought, when people share with me it is helpful, so why not share and trust that God can use my story in someone’s life.  So here goes ME in my life right now.

My name is Darla. I live in St. Robert, Missouri.  I have worked at Mercy, a medical clinic in some capacity for 22 years. I have always loved my job but in the last 8 months or so something has changed. I have become bitter, angry and just hated going to work everyday.

I have prayed and prayed but it seemed there was no answer to my prayer. Not because God wasn’t listening to me, but because I was not listening to him!

You see, God provided me with other opportunities, but I was assured that he wanted me to stay at Mercy. After all, I only have a few years to retire why would he move me.

So after extreme stress and chest pain, God opened another door. I walked through that door, still not sure, and asked God to “please push me off the fence”. So I went to the new the boss who asked me what I wanted to do.  When I explained I hadn’t ever interviewed for a job before, he stated you don’t have to here either. Then he created a job for me doing what I have done for 15 years. However, you may think God is great and he is, but I didn’t take that job and went back to my job at Mercy because I felt awful about leaving.  Then I told God, “you might need to push me harder”.

So that is exactly what God did, my next experience was a slam in the face as I walked around the corner and was yelled at by a doctor for no reason and that made no sense at all. I finally got it, as I walked away, I said “God I get it!”  God had heard me and answered me loud and clear.

That’s where I’m at now!  As of April 17 this year, I will start the next journey of my life!  I am sure God has big plans for me and the place I will be working.  He heard me all along, I just needed to listen and be confident in his direction!  God guide my steps and strengthen my trust in every step I take.

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  1. Darla, thank you for sharing real battles in your life and how you can see that God was leading and not giving up on directing your steps. I can’t wait to hear more!

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