Christina’s About Me

Christina’s About Me

A little about me…

My name is Christina Robb. I am a Midwesterner from northern Illinois.  I am the middle child of a 5 children household.  My mom and dad were hard working parents who, while they weren’t perfect, loved us.  My life growing up consisted of the normal activities of play time, school, friends, babysitting at an early age and eventually working a normal teenage job when I was old enough.  I loved music, reading and being silly. My friends, parents, sisters and one brother have stories of just how goofy I could be, but I will just leave it with I love to laugh.  My family was a good family growing up.  Our parents made sure we had camping trips, extracurricular activities, that we spent a lot of time at church and had opportunities to grow.  My realization that I wanted Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior took action at the age of 11 with baptism following shortly after that.  My Christian walk has had many phases during my life, but I know without a doubt that my Savior has led me and protected me during my entire life.  You see, I know my life was pretty good growing up, but while there was good, there was also bad.  Being a middle child in my family was fine, I knew nothing differently, but looking back I can see how I was conflicted a lot with trying to be the peace-maker in my family.  I reflect and can sense the tension that automatically shows itself when I think about the relationships both with family and friends.  My family wasn’t perfect and we did a lot of pretending to be “normal” or “okay”.  I will share more of this in a future post.  Eventually I joined the U.S. Army (more to that story later), met my husband, had my two wonderful children, and now I’m a grandma “Nana”. I plan on sharing more of my life with you in future posts, but through my life God has carried me through situations of abuse, depression, deep anger, loss of a child, and many battles that without him I would have not come out joyful on the other side.  I look forward to sharing my thoughts and experiences of how God has brought me through and led me, always carrying me through, all I had to do is take the next right step and Simply Breathe.   

8 Replies to “Christina’s About Me”

    1. Thank you Sabrina. I am eager to see how God will use this platform. Thank you for your encouragement and help.

    1. Thank you Danielle! It gives me joy to be part of this platform and to see how we can all speak life into other people’s lives.

  1. My love and respect are with you. You were one of the first people to share Christ with me. Your friendship means the world to me.

    1. What a treasured blessing to know that I was one of the first people to share Christ with you. It is truly amazing how God shapes and molds us. Your friendship is a forever treasured gift to me <3

  2. Only recently have I started looking at Facebook now and again.
    Was so happy to come across your blog Christina and look forward to reading your next post and the other contributors.
    I am living on the Isle of Skye and we are all in lockdown as from today. Pass on my love to Danielle. X

    1. Morag, It is so good to hear from you. I hope you can be encouraged from our posts. Stay safe over there on the Isle of Skye and keep in touch! We think of you often and pray you are well and finding beauty and joy each day. Much love, Christina

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