I Will ~ by Christina

I Will ~ by Christina

When I was in the US Army we would exercise, march and run chanting cadence’s while pushing through more than most of us thought we could accomplish. I can’t tell you how many times I wanted to quit, there were many.  Looking back I remember how the words I would chant would spur me on and help me have the mindset that I could do whatever hard task was before me.

Now all these years later I find that repetitively filling my thinking with positive thoughts and a “can do” attitude is a lot like those chants that would carry me through.

Purposefully focusing on “I will” instead of “I can’t” makes all the difference in the outcomes in our day to day lives.

This illustration by Yaskina Valentina nails my thoughts and even the expression underlying in the name of this blog site.


With all the stresses we’ve faced through the pandemic, the civil injustices, focuses on change, the economic hardships, relationships that are challenging… real life… we might find ourselves thinking we want to quit, or that we just can’t do what is ahead of us, or even what we are in the midst of. I would challenge each of us to proactively and purposefully decide to stand firm in our “I will” mindsets.

Find sayings, verses, poems, chants, etc. that will support and be a foundation for an “I will” outcome where quitting isn’t given a place in your thinking.  Take the time to rest, refresh and fill your mind with positive and “I will” thinking. Take time to simply breathe.

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    1. Keep that “I will” thinking up! It is interesting how even though I wrote this I struggle with the “I will” thinking! Refresh, rest and find your “I will” positive thinking! <3

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