Corona, Corona I Am Crying Over You! ~ by Susan

Corona, Corona I Am Crying Over You! ~ by Susan

My title is inspired by a good friend of mine, as well as, a few other choice words 😏

For the last several weeks, whenever I go to the grocery store and see the empty shelves, I get a lump in my throat and I fight back tears. I’m not angry, I’m sad. I can’t believe our country is in this place. This place of fear, sickness, death and being without.

My thoughts go to war torn countries and countries that are truly poverty stricken. Families torn apart or all lost in battle. Countries that live every day in this manner, but much worse! I think of their fear and despair.

Mine is nothing compared to that and I am immediately repentant and I fight back another onslaught of tears.  And I pray!  The Lord is near!

There is one good gift that this corona has given to me. I am spending more time with the Lord in prayer!


  • Pray for our health providers

  • Follow the governments advice

  • Be safe

  • Wash your hands

2 Replies to “Corona, Corona I Am Crying Over You! ~ by Susan”

  1. Oh how I sometimes feel like crying over this situation too. It is good to both be reminded not to be anxious , that God is in control and also to know I am not alone in this. I am praying <3

  2. I too was awe struck the first time that I had to go to the grocery store. I stood in an aisle that had been stripped of every item and tears flooded up in my eyes. I composed myself and gathered a few essentials that I could find. Again, it hit me. I stopped and leaned on a freezer that had two small packages of chicken wings left at the bottom. I prayed. I stood in the store and prayed silently for the nation. God please guide us back to you.

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